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Here you can find addons and mods for OMSI - the bus simulator from Aerosoft. The list of available addons includes a new currency (Euro), a diverse set of sceneryobjects (e.g. for construction zones), as well as plugins.

You can find a list of all available downloads at Downloads. The Blog provides information about existing and future addons.
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gcW Streetobjects LOTUS

gcW Streetobjects LOTUS 1.4

This set contains a collection of objects for creating construction zones.

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IBIScontrol 1.2.4+200

IBIScontrol for Android makes it possible to control IBIS, cash desk and ticket printer in OMSI 2 (by Aerosoft) on your smartphone or tablet.

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I broke it

As some of you have probably noticed by now is that the IBIScontrol updater no longer works. The reason behind this is that I recently moved the installation files from the old server to a new location without realising that the installer does a check of the installation files which now fails with the new location. Sadly, I do not have the source files of the installer any more and thus am unable to quickly fix this issue.

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