IBIScontrol 1.2.0


IBIScontrol for Android makes it possible to control IBIS, cash desk and ticket printer in OMSI 2 (by Aerosoft) on your smartphone or tablet.

.exe Installation is currently broken

The installation for the updater is currently not working. Please download the plugin directly and unzip to OMSI 2\plugins\

Plugin .zip

Features: -IBIS -Cashdesk -Ticketprinter -Dashboard with speed, door control, control for lights, temperature, next stop, stop request etc.

Supported maps: -All

Supported busses:

Supported Currencies: -DM -Euro

In case of trouble or questions, you can contact me via email. Errors can be reported at

Changes in 1.2.0

  • Support for the euro version of the NG272
  • compatible with Android 6

System Requirements


  • At least version 4.0.3


  • .NET Framework 4.5

To uses this app you also need a plugin for OMSI 2 which you can download via the “Download” button.

In case of Problems

Possible solutions:

  • A firewall blocks the connection. Please add an exception rule for the file node_id_gcw.exe in the folder /OMSI 2/plugins/IBIScontrol_data
  • Antivirus software may block the connection
  • Activate the function “Alternative Port (8080)” in the app settings and the plugin window.


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot


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